Above Ground Pools

As an alternative to traditional fibreglass or concrete swimming pools, Swim Inn Pool Shop offers the Noosa Reef range of above ground swimming pools.

Noosa Reef pools are the first and most advanced structural resin pool in Australia. Constructed with a resin framework, they resist corrosion, are salt water compatible and ideally suited to semi-in-ground or full in-ground installation. All components that are exposed to salt water are made from UV stabilised resin so there is nothing that can rust away. The beaded liner means there is no unsightly, uneven overhang of the vinyl liner on the outside of the pool.

Swimming Pool Features

  • Interlocking parts for quick and easy assembly
  • Unique waterproof wall connection
  • Lifetime corrosion free resin
  • Resin bottom rails and uprights to prevent wall corrosion
  • Continuous curved radius resin decks for stronger walls
  • Safe to use with salt water chlorinators for minimal maintenance
  • Supplied with a detailed installation manual and DVD
  • 10 year pro rata warranty on all structural components
  • Suitable for above ground, semi-in-ground or full in-ground installation

Here’s just a few of the areas of Victoria Swim Inn Pool Shop can provide Above Ground Swimming Pools:

  • Shepparton,
  • Echuca,
  • Nathalia,
  • Rochester,
  • Tatura,
  • Numurkah,
  • Kyabram Nagambie,
  • Seymour

To find out if we can help you, get in touch with us via our contact page.

Swimming Pool Models

Model Pool Size Volume
Noosa Reef 1410 3.99m 2.85m 1.32m Oval 10,900
Noosa Reef 1810 5.13m 2.85m 1.32m Oval 14,700
Noosa Reef 2210 6.27m 2.85m 1.32m Oval 18,300
Noosa Reef 2610 7.41m 2.85m 1.32m Oval 21,800
Noosa Reef 3010 8.55m 2.85m 1.32m Oval 25,700
Noosa Reef & Shoal Bay 12Rnd 3.66m 3.66m 1.32m Round 12,000
Noosa Reef & Shoal Bay 1612 4.80m 3.66m 1.32m Oval 16,700
Noosa Reef & Shoal Bay 2012 5.94m 3.66m 1.32m Oval 21,500
Noosa Reef & Shoal Bay 2412 7.08m 3.66m 1.32m Oval 26,250
Noosa Reef 2812 8.22m 3.66m 1.32m Oval 32,200
Noosa Reef & Shoal Bay 2412DE 7.08m 3.66m 1.32m to 1.80m Oval Deep End 28,800
Noosa Reef 2812DE 8.22m 3.66m 1.32m to 1.80m Oval Deep End 34,800
Noosa Reef & Shoal Bay 15Rnd 4.57m 4.57m 1.32m Round 18,700
Noosa Reef & Shoal Bay 2315 6.85m 4.57m 1.32m Oval 30,600
Noosa Reef & Shoal Bay 2715 7.99m 4.57m 1.32m Oval 36,500
Noosa Reef 3015 9.13m 4.57m 1.32m Oval 42,500
Noosa Reef 3415 10.27m 4.57m 1.32m Oval 48,400
Noosa Reef 3815 11.41m 4.57m 1.32m Oval 54,400
Noosa Reef & Shoal Bay 2715DE 7.99m 4.57m 1.32m to 1.80m Oval Deep End 40,000
Noosa Reef 3015DE 9.13m 4.57m 1.32m to 1.80m Oval Deep End 46,700
Noosa Reef 3415DE 10.27m 4.57m 1.32m to 1.80m Oval Deep End 52,600
Noosa Reef 3815DE 11.41m 4.57m 1.32m to 1.80m Oval Deep End 60,000
Noosa Reef 18Rnd 5.50m 5.50m 1.32m Round 31,600
  • Please Note: measurements are taken wall to wall on the internal side of the pool. Some models may not be available at the time of purchase. Please ask in-store for more information.

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