Fibreglass Swimming Pool Construction

Every fibreglass swimming pool in the Swim Inn Pool Shop range is purpose built by Aqua Technics Pools and Quantum Composite Pools to Australian Standard under license BMP No 520101 and manufactured to strict quality standards, in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Any pool builder can say they build to, or better than, the Australian Standard but for your peace of mind always ask for a license number.

Every pool is built using swimming pool grade fibreglass. Gelcoats are mixed on a daily basis from high quality raw materials by a fully qualified industrial chemist, allowing them to be modified to suit ambient weather conditions. This guarantees a better product.

The thickness of every pool is assessed and recorded during the manufacturing process. Stringent controls apply to the bonding between all layers to ensure a strong and structurally sound pool. Quality supervisors visually inspect every pool prior to dispatch, ensuring your pool is nothing less than the best.

Our pools incorporate technology that has been researched and developed over the past 36 years and are so strong they include an Extended Lifetime Structural Warranty. Take a look beyond the surface and discover a leading range of fibreglass pools designed to withstand the test of time.

Step Reinforcement

  • Each walk-in step reinforced with rot-proof polyurethane covered with double thickness fibreglass lay-up.

tep reinforcement adds extra-strength to your fibreglass swimming pool

Edge Beam Detail

  • Extra wide, non-slip surface designed to fit pavers perfectly. This design, coupled with an edge beam width of 200mm means your pool is structurally sound without having to add any secondary engineering works.

Edge beams allow a paving stone to be attached to your swimming pool


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